NORTH MANKATO, Minn. - KEYC News 12 Advantage hosted a seminar at South Central College today to help business owners learn strategies to help grow their business online.

"To really inform business owners on best practices on Facebook and Google and building websites and what we can do to help them build those resources that they have," Brianna Werner with KEYC News 12's Sales Dept. said.

More than 60 business owners attended the event. The goal was to have everyone there walk away with at least one change they could make in their online strategy.

"I'm realizing there's a lot I don't know," Ann Macgregor, Underwriter with the Minnesota Valley Action Council said. "I'm excited to try a lot of stuff. To go back to the office and make sure everything's up to date so that we can touch base with the customers that we serve."

While much of digital is DIY, sometimes it takes some professional help.

"We're more than just television, we have a great website, and now we can help businesses with a new website, their social media, and help them get found by Google, which is huge," Daryl Hively with United Communications Corp. said.

--KEYC News 12