KASOTA, MINN - MNDOT's Highway 22 open house series resumed tonight in Kasota allowing those affected by travel on Highway 22 the opportunity to ask questions and voice comments or concerns to MnDOT officials.

MnDOT hosted its second of three open houses with tonight's informational meeting focusing on the stretch of 22 from Highway 169 in St. Peter to County Road 2 in Kasota.

In the first couple meetings, MnDOT gauged the mood of citizens and made adjustments accordingly.
"We did hear a lot of different concerns and issues like drainage and safety and which intersections had safety problems." said Lisa Bigham, MnDOT District 7 Planning Director.  "People were interested in having left–turn lanes added or having more chances to get onto Highway 22."
"We kinda laid out the different options based on what the recommendations might be to solve some of those issues," said Bigham. "We haven't really developed actual solutions but we're looking at concepts. Broad concepts like a four–lane, a three–lane section."
Making highway 22 four lanes leading into town from the North and South is on the table; but some residents don't find that to be a productive solution.
"The urban street scape would really improve Highway 22 in Mankato, to narrow up the median and to put more streets and sidewalks would really be a nice entry into the city of Mankato." Mankato resident Jodi Swanson said.
MnDOT finishes this round of public commenting Thursday June 14 in Mankato, with another series set to begin this fall.
Residents can take a survey at Thursday's open house or anytime online through July 4 to give feedback on the Highway 22 project.

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