"Blue Earth County is a geographic anomaly.  We have seven rivers flowing into Mankato and only one flowing out.  Blue Earth County has more river miles than any other county in Minnesota," said Blue Earth Project Leader Paul Douglas Ebbenga.

More rivers mean more water to take responsibility for.

Blue Earth project is a grass–roots organization whose prime focus is to reverse our river water pollution.

On Sunday, the group partnered with Bent River Outfitters to clean up the Blue Earth River by inviting participants to kayak or canoe down the river and clean up garbage as they float down.

"Our trip today was about picking up tangible things, things you could see and we used that as a segue to drive awareness on the invisible stuff," explained Ebbenga.  "Unless you tell somebody the water in their cup isn't drinkable, they really don't have any reason to think otherwise."

The group's inaugural event was a success as dozens showed out to support Blue Earth Project's initiative.

"We got people bringing in their own kayaks and they've basically brought all their inventory out to make sure that if you want to get out and help you can so I think it's a great cause," said event participant Colton Roballo.

Many local outdoor enthusiasts prefer the Blue Earth River to kayak down because of the natural features one can see along the way.

The kayak route itself is just over nine miles long.  It starts here at the Rapidan Dam and ends at the intersection of Highway 66 and Highway 90 with a couple hidden stops in between.

"Devil's Gulch, Triple Falls and the glacial rock Big Moe," said Ebbenga.  "It's an iconic spot because there is really nothing that impressive around here and to think that these spots are so close to each other on one stretch of the river makes it even more exciting."

With a stretch of river so iconic, most would agree the landmarks and water that shapes it is worth preserving.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved with helping clean our area water, check out Blue Earth Project on Facebook as the group will be holding more events as time goes on.

--KEYC News 12