NEW ULM, Minn.--  Veigel's Kaiserhoff has always served delicious ribs, and about 20 years ago, they added savory German food to their menu. 

Owner Janice Veigel said she has been managing the restaurant for 28 years, but success of the restaurant is owed to many. 
"Without all my employees and their dedication, I could not do it," said Veigel. 
Veigel Kaiserhoff was first owned by Janice's in-laws, then passed down to her husband Don Veigel, who sadly passed away in 2013.

Janice now operates the restaurant , which has expanded over the years, by adding old- fashioned themed rooms to the place.

Bartender Travis Hager said the New Ulm hotspot has many specialties to try, but their Grasshopper Drink always turns heads. 
"I've been in other places where they've done ice cream drinks, and they'll use like a blender, so like it'll come down like really watered down," said Veigel.

" We just kind of mix it so it comes out much more creamier and with body." 
Ray's Salad, the Tour of Germany Sampler Platter, and the Bob Stout Burger are a couple big name items, that you will find here.

Veigel said the restaurant has items for everyone, but their ribs are the real deal.  
"Here we have of course our ribs, which made the Kaiserhoff famous, and it's served with a baked potato here," said Veigel.

" It's always served with our special Kaiserhoff sauce."
The Kaiserhoff staff celebrates 80 wonderful years this year, and Janice said she looks forward to many more.

--KEYC News 12