CLEVELAND, MN- Dozens of organizations strolled down Broadway Street for an annual event that brought almost everyone out of the house.

A parade kicked off Cherry Creek Days, giving community members a chance to see local businesses and officials cruise on by.

For a town of roughly 700, a gathering like this just means a little more as everybody took in the festivities on this hot and humid Saturday afternoon.

The "She" Shed owner Chris Thomas says "It brings the small town together, it brings closeness to all of us. It helps all the businesses, we have so much support within our town."

For the kids, they had plenty to do, whether it was singing karaoke or cooling off in front of the fire station with hoses.

Boys and girls also didn't mind the tons of candy that would be thrown their way early on either.

4-year-old Ceci McCabe says "Getting candy. How much candy did you get? I think 100."

9-year-old Sajen Grandaw says "I like seeing the music, bands, and getting candy. I also like getting stickers and appreciating the veterans."

The parade and activities weren't the only thing the town of Cleveland got to celebrate on Saturday.

The Lakes Fitness recognized its grand opening, showcasing the new fitness center that will hopefully make in impact throughout the neighborhood.

Owner Scott Miller says "We had a big event for the parade and we're excited about getting going. The community has been a big supporter of this project since it started. We had a lot of good positive feedback and it's going to be fun to have people in here getting healthy and making this a big part of their life."

To learn more, you can visit "The Lakes Fitness" Facebook page. 

For 42 years, this celebration has gone on, bringing a tight–knit community closer and giving those in attendance another reason to love Cleveland.

- KEYC 12