MANKATO, MINN - Democratic Senate candidate Richard Painter brought his campaign to Mankato Monday.
The former White House lawyer is running against sitting-Senator Tina Smith to be Minnesota's Democratic candidate ahead of November's general election

Painter is campaigning across the state calling for an end to corruption in Washington DC through campaign finance reforms.
 "We need to have small dollar donors encouraged to contribute. Therefore, we ought to have a tax credit for $200 for every American for a donation to the political candidate of his or her choice." Painter said.
Painter was a 30–year Republican until the recent political climate prompted him to run on the democratic ticket.
"Well the Republican party left me, wasn't me who left the Republican Party," Painter said. "The Republican party of Arne Carlson and of moderate Republicans does not exist anymore in this state, or in this country."
Painter also says he wants a path toward single–payer healthcare as well as bring an end to any possible trade wars that occur during this administration.

August 14th is the day when democrats and all Minnesotans will vote in the primary election for either Painter or Senator Smith to face the Republican challenger in November.

----KEYC News 12