NEW ULM, Minn. - The one room schoohouse at the Brown County Fairgrounds transported kids back to the 1800s today.

The Brown County Historical Society put on the living history event so kids could experience what school was like 150 years ago.

"The idea is to kind of experience what life used to be like, what school used to be like, and, quite frankly, to play a lot of games and have some fun," Lyssa Biebl with the historical society said.

Students learned about history through reading, math and penmanship lessons. They even took a break for recess to play some 19th century games.

"I think it helps them learn a little bit about how lucky they are nowadays and to understand that life probably wasn't very easy back in 1868," Biebl said.

So instead, they got to see what it was like for a day in 2018.

--KEYC News 12