HENDERSON, Minn.-- The Henderson RoadHaus is a place for fun, fascination and fantastic food. 

General Manager and Executive Chef Danny Ross said this multifaceted establishment is known as a local hub to the community. 

"We have the restaurant side, the bar side and then the event center, that all operates underneath the Henderson RoadHaus," said Ross. 

Henderson RoadHaus features live music in their bar, local art in their restaurant and alternating themes to accompany the many events in their event center. 

With all of this under their umbrella, it is not surprising that everyone comes here for a nice time. Ross said some members visit more than once a day. 
"Our locals are great and unbelievably supportive," said Ross.

" You know there's a few people that we might feed three times a day. seven days a week, and I love that."
The ambiance of the restaurant said, " Come on in," but the restaurant's food is what makes customers want to stay and order more.  
"We have our Signature House Burger, which I love pairing with a side salad, and then we have Mozzarella Caprese with the Italian fries, Summer Berry Salad," said Ross.

" And we also have our Smoked Gouda Melt with Sweet Potatoes."
The Henderson RoadHaus does its best to participate in community events, especially the town's annual sauerkraut event.

This weekend hundreds ride in to Henderson for "Sauerkraut Days" and the local hub has something special.
"The Krauterito," said Ross. "This weekend coming up is 'Sauerkraut Days' here in Henderson, and this is just a fun dish that I came up with, sort of one part Chimichanga and one part egg roll."

Ross said the treat has mozzarella cheese, a "kicked up" homemade thousand island, with sauerkraut in a deep fried flour tortilla. 
Sauerkraut Days runs from June 22 to June 24.

--KEYC News 12