MANKATO, Minn. - With electric and hybrid-electric cars becoming more popular, now there's a need to provide charging infrastructure for the eco-friendly ride.
For the majority of electric car drivers, charging happens at home but public chargers are still needed especially at hotels, workplaces, parks among others.
"Everywhere, grocery stores, a lot of restaurants in the Twin Cities have them. It gets to a point when we have enough electric cars there won't be enough stations," Mankato resident and hybrid-electric vehicle owner Liegh Pomeroy said.
"They just have to figure out what works for their location there. Then it's not very complicated really, normally it just takes a 240 volt which any electrician can do and charging stations, the simple ones cost like $500 so it's not like they are expensive," Founder of PlugInConnect Jukka Kukkonen said.
Currently there are more than 25 different electric models available in Minnesota, many in Mankato. Drivers say Energy efficiency is not the only positive thing about electric and hybrid vehicles.
"First of all, it's much more fun to drive it has full torque and zero RPM so it has excellent acceleration it also is much more cheaper to drive because driving electric costs you like, if you drive 1000 miles a month it costs you about $30," Kukkonen added.
"Electricity is the fuel of the future we get all this energy from the sky, let's use it. So it's a matter of adoption now. Southern Minnesota it's not going to be as quick as say the Twin Cities because people are driving shorter distances there, we have to go quite a distance sometimes to get someplace but it just makes so much sense," Pomeroy said.
So far in Mankato, there are five locations to charge your vehicle. Two Kwik Trip locations, Mankato Nissan, AmericInn and Goodwill.

--KEYC News 12