BLUE EARTH, MN - "We've had so much water this year, it will take a long time for it to drop off." said Timothy Ibisch, City Administrator for Blue Earth.

Heavy rainfall has caused the Blue Earth River to rise rapidly, causing some flooding in the city.  The levels are expected to crest in the next day or so.
Ibisch said: "We've got some wetter areas of town, some swampier areas, I mean, I had water in my basement.  That's not unusual, with that kind of heavy rainfall with the ground being saturated.  A lot of sump pumps running kind of nonstop."

If you live in the area, and do have problems with basement flooding, Ibisch suggests getting a hold of a contractor.

"A lot of times now a days what they do is they'll dig out the basements and wrap it in plastic or they'll put in some foam that will provide a greater barrier for that water." Ibisch recommended.

Not only is flooding an issue, but the river is flowing very quickly, creating dangerous conditions.

"You're going to see sticks and twigs and possibly rocks and things like that, which could be very destructive if you're kayaking or something like that.  It's just a bad idea right now to be going to a flooded river." Ibisch said.