MANKATO, Minn. - Physicians can now better serve Mankato area children thanks to a recent expansion at Mayo Clinic. 
The brand new Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Department is set to begin accepting patients on Monday. The 22,000 square foot, $3.4 million dollar project located inside Mayo Clinic Health System's Mankato Eastridge clinic will serve newborn through 18-year-old patients. It has 30 patient care rooms, three rooms dedicated to behavioral health and two procedural rooms.
"We absolutely outgrew the space in the hospital and we were in the basement and this space really I think brings a little bit better atmosphere for the kind of care that we want to give to the community," Dr. Katie Linnemann a Pediatric Hospitalist with Mayo Clinic Health Systems said.
The center will also be home to the Mankato Child and Family Advocacy Center, a space for law enforcement, child protection and other social service agencies to meet with children who have been abused or are involved in other legal issues. Specialists will also be on hand to provide care.
"Each pediatric specialist has its own schedule based on its own need. For example we are expanding our pediatric surgery service to once a week. Pediatric neurology once every other week, really based on the need and we continue to assess that and adjust as needed," Dr. Linneman added.
Ear, nose and throat, and pediatric cardiology will remain at the main hospital, but primary and other sub-specialists will be in the new wing.

--KEYC News 12