NORTH MANKATO, MN - A major sewer line breaks in North Mankato, causing a smelly problem for some residents.
The break happened at around 4am on North River Drive, in a 21 inch sewer line that is responsible for moving 2/3 of the city's wastewater.  It caused a small sinkhole in the ground over the rupture.

Sewer water backed up into the basements of some homes.
John Harrenstein, city administrator for North Mankato, says: "Any residents who experienced damage from wastewater backing up in their residence are encouraged to bring the damaged property or carpet to the curb and city crews will pick it up." 
The City of North Mankato says they are diverting the wastewater into the storm drain system.  Drinking water is not affected by the break and the sewer line should be fixed by Friday.