MANKATO, MN- Local organizations (ACLU, Indivisible St. Peter/Mankato, MUSE, and others) met in front of the Mankato Islamic Center to protest the ruling on President Trump's travel ban policy.

Tuesday, the Supreme Court voted to uphold the policy which bans or severely restricts entry from seven countries, including Somalia which is primarily Muslim.

Minnesota is home to the largest population of Somalis in the country, with more than 70,000 calling the state home.

Wednesday afternoon, community members along with state representatives not only voiced their disapproval, but reminded those in attendance that "the decision is not the end and that they must all keep on fighting."

Founding board member of the Islamic Center Abdi Sabrie says "The Supreme Court is supposed to be the last stand for the constitutional protection for all Americans. It has failed our American experience by rubber stamping the prejudice and bias policy of Trump's presidency and that was very unfortunate."

The Administration maintains the countries on the list lack proper screening and security measures for people trying to enter the U.S.

Mankato Students for Equality will be hosting its own protest at Riverfront Park, starting at 11 a.m Saturday, for more information on the event you can visit the Facebook page "Families Belong Together Kato Rally."

- KEYC 12