WASECA, Minn.-- Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm understands that owning a restaurant is more than serving food, it is creating an unforgettable experience. 

Owners Bill Bartz and Emily Knudsen said their farm-like setting creates a special place. 
"It's a farm-like setting, it's more of like a nature farm then it is a traditional farm," said Bartz.

" What we do is we open our place up our property up or the restaurant up, a couple days a week, and invite people to come for pizzas."
The area includes an outdoor stage for live music events, fun animals, and walking trails. They are all accessible when visiting these 55 acres of gorgeous green space.

Knudsen said they are open a couple days in the week, business is still booming.  
" Every year it gets a little bit more busy and more busy, we average on a Thursday night anywhere from 20 to 40 pizzas," said Knudsen."

" And on a Sunday, we average anywhere from 40 to 60."
As more people visit, the demand for pizza increases, which is why a second brick oven is being added.

This pizza farm is all about locally sourced ingredients. They grow their own produce like basil.

The couple expressed their love of making customers bringing beautiful crisp pizzas to life, but they make sure to bring the heat too. 
"I bring the oven up to 1000 plus degrees," said Knudsen.  " I let it simmer down for two hours until we start serving pizzas."

The venue is a wonderful place to visit, with several items like the Pig & Pork and The Buster and the Sweet Georgia Pie. However, before you visit, be sure to look at the farm's rules. Check them out at https://www.pleasantgrovepizzafarm.com/

--KEYC News 12