MANKATO, Minn.-- The Walmart on Madison Avenue has purchased a pick–up tower, in an effort to make grocery shopping more convenient. 

Employees gathered around the tower Friday morning to celebrate its grand opening. 

Customers now have the option of ordering their groceries online, before heading over to the tower.

Store Manager Michael Looft said customers will scan a bar code and pick up their packages.

"It's allowing customers at their leisure to come in and get their package at any time," said Looft.

" It's a good connection between our 'Digital' and the actual store."

The tower is one of 200 pickup towers in the country and the second one in the state.

It can carry 300 packages, and for packages that are too heavy, they will be placed in orange lockers. 

The pick-up tower is now available to all customers. 

--KEYC News 12