MARTIN COUNTY, MN - A state of emergency is in effect for Martin County after heavy rains flooded the area last week.
Martin County Sheriff Jeff Markquart said: "That also opens up our abilities to get into state funding and possibly federal funding if it comes to that."

The Sheriff is taking reports from around the county and adding up the damage totals to send to the state, in order to qualify for disaster relief.  To be able to get state relief, damages must total around $38,345.  The Federal total is twice that amount, at $76,691.

"We have got about half of my townships and cities that have reported and we've already exceeded our state threshold and we're actually pushing over top of our federal threshold too.", Sheriff Markquart added.

In the city of Trimont, residents are still cleaning up after the storms.

"We had feces, intact, in our basement, in various rooms." said Debra Jellema, one of the residents whose basement was deluged with sewage.

Several homes along Chestnut Street had sewer water back up into their basements.
Jellema described what happened: "We had a river coming out of the bathroom, across the bottom of the steps, total sewage, and down into the sump pump."

Even with insurance, repairs to Jellema's basement will be several thousand dollars.

She says this has happened before with heavy rainstorms, and that the city needs to improve their infrastructure.

"It's outdated, there's no pond system and, you know, it's a process.  Cities only have so much money and it's a process, but this has gotten to the point of, two years ago and 2010.  How much must I, as a citizen, absorb?" Jellema said.