Warrior Dash was expecting 5,000 plus people out to Caribou Gun Club to participate in their fun, energetic outdoor obstacle course.

"This is Warrior Dash Minnesota Elements Tour," explained John Beck from Warrior Dash.  "We have about 12 obstacles and we have some barbed wire, some fire, some mud pits and some slides.  It's a 3K obstacle race."

Now I know what you're thinking, race makes this sound competitive.  It's really not.

The first wave of people begin at 8 a.m.  That group is the only group having a competition through the course.

Everyone else is let off in groups every 15 minutes to experience 12 unique obstacles set up along the nature filled trek.

"One of my favorites is Super Soaker.  It's a balance beam and then there's and A frame in the middle and a balance beam on the other side and there is PCP piping with showers raining down on people so that ones pretty fun to see," said Beck.  "There's another one called Pallet Jacked which is a structure with a bunch of swinging pallets kind of rigged together so that they kind of sway back and forth and people kind of have to keep their balance as they're stepping across.  There's also water raining down on them to add an extra element to that."

The impact goes far beyond the various obstacles Warrior Dash set up for participants.

"It raises a lot of money for St. Jude's which is a great thing," said Caribou Gun Club owner Randy Voss.  "Plus they get local volunteers out here and they can have that money donated to their charity.  It works out really good.  It boosts the economy around here:  the gas stations, bars and restaurants.  It's a really good deal and I love to see it."

Warrior Dash partners with St. Jude's every year and has now donated over 14 million dollars in just under nine years.

--KEYC News 12