The Fourth of July is a high traffic holiday at the emergency room, with fireworks only part of the problem.
The three injuries most seen this time of year, include heat exhaustion...
"Folks with heart failure or any pre-existing heart condition or anybody over 60 years old is at increased risk to become dehydrated. And then you can get symptoms as simple as feeling kind of weak and tired it can get very severe or you can pass out sometimes you could have neurologic symptoms like numbness, you could have stroke like symptoms and certainly if anything like that occurs you should come to the ER immediately," Dr. Brian Bartlett, an E.R. Physician with Mayo Clinic said.
While Minnesota has strict fireworks laws, a majority of accidents still occur every year.
"The largest number of fireworks injuries are associated with sparklers, people tend to consider them a safe firework which really isn't the case, they burn very hot and oftentimes its children that tend to be the ones that get hurt with sparklers more than anybody," Deputy Director of Mankato Public Safety Jeff Bengtson said.
"If you light something on fire get away from it, don't hold it in your hand or try to chuck it at your friend but if you do sustain any injury or abrasion to your hand especially the palm or surface of your hand. You want to be evaluated because you could have a very small injuries that can result in tendon injury, vessel or nerve injury so you want to have those thoroughly evaluated cleaned and then sewed up if necessary," Dr. Bartlett added.
But, the most common injury around July 4th any accident related to impaired driving whether it be on a boat or car.
"Unfortunately the Fourth of July and stay high frequency time of year for drunk driving so we just encourage everybody to employee good common sense and even if you have a drink or two consider yourself unsafe to drive so just have an alternative plan in place have a friend pick you up YouTube or Lyft or of the local cab company just don't drive even if you had one or two drinks," Dr. Bartlett said.
Keep in mind when celebrating it's best to leave fireworks shows to the professionals, take time out of the sun and plan a sober ride to avoid an emergency room visit this July 4th.

--KEYC News 12