For many Wabasso residents, this storm was a rude awakening.

Wabasso residents were woken up by cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning Monday night.

"Woke up at about three this morning to thunder and lightning," said Wabasso resident Karie Salfer.  "Kind of looked outside and didn't see anything besides pouring rain.  Then my husband's alarm went off around six, he came in around 6:05 and said we're flooded."

She wasn't kidding.  Again in the afternoon, more rain as the back end of the storm rolled in and started down pouring on the town once again.

After the last round of rain rolled through, Salfer didn't even recognize her own backyard.

"I've never seen it get like this," explained Salfer.  "It gets bad behind our house, but never to this extent. I have never seen this before."

A local report in Wabasso indicates the town has received 11 inches of rain in just under 12 hours.  People's backyards could be confused with a lake, leaving people with flooded basements and overflowing plumbing.

"We have a foot in our basement.  The pump that we have going is putting out what is going back in.  It's just not keeping up.  But it is worse throughout town.  My husband's grandparents have three feet if not four feet," said Salfer.

Southern Minnesota is growing tired of the recent rainfall.  But there's always a positive outlook, for some at least.

"Kids are having fun.  That's about it," said Salfer.  "Their swimming and making the best of it.  They had their tubes out earlier and were tubing out there.  They're trying to make the best of it which makes it lighter for the rest of us."

As the kid in us wants to say, rain rain go away, come again another day.

--KEYC News