CURRIE, MINN - Flooding in southwestern Minnesota continues, prompting the Red Cross to open a temporary shelter.
Multiple spots in Murray County have drivers and other travelers up creeks without any paddles.

Spots near Lake Shetek in Currie, Minnesota continue to flood the area, forcing the Red Cross to open a temporary shelter on Murray county fairgrounds for residents to evacuate as necessary.

The Red Cross was assisted by Civil Air Patrol from Worthington along with other county agencies.
"We are here to help with those that are affected by the flooding that might need to evacuate," said Marilee Thomas, a volunteer with the Red Cross."We have a place for them to stay, food and whatever way we can help."
A group of over 60 kids at a Lutheran Bible Camp on one of Lake Shetek's islands were included in the list of evacuees.
"Originally there was not going to be an evacuation of it but the camp decided to evacuate so we're assisting in those efforts," said Christy Riley, Community Relations Coordinator for Murray County. "They are taking those students and their luggage from the camp in boats and they are bringing them via bus here to the 4-H building to reunite with their families and go home."
This morning's heavy rainfall in the area set back the flood recovery efforts.

County officials say they are still in the process of reacting to previous rain events, making it difficult to create preventative measure for future rains.
"Lakes are rising, all the rain from the North has to come through Lake Shetek and down the river so any rain that happened north of here still has to come through us so we are not over it, even though the sun is shining." Riley said.
Murray County say they are not in panic mode and do not anticipate any emergency evacuations, but should you feel unsafe in your home, contact the Murray County Sheriff's office.

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