ELYSIAN, Minn.-- Ice cream can be a perfect solution to a hot Minnesota day; so if you are looking for a new place with a variety of flavors, Scoops Ice Cream is a great option. 

Owner Joe Meixl said he enjoys his customers and the fun vibes they bring into the shop. 

"They come in with a great attitude," said Meixl. "Their expectations are they're gonna have something cool and creamy and refreshing."

Scoops Ice Cream is a local delight that keeps smiles on the faces of people of all ages.

Over 31 alluring flavors rotate on an hourly basis, from Coconut Explosion to Zanzibar, there is always something exciting to try.

Frequent customer Mauricio Geyer said his favorite flavor is the Superman.

"First time I had it, I was in Duluth, and it's been a while since I've had it, and almost a year."

The Ice Cream shop offers more than just ice cream. The business features hot dogs, hats, an owner who loves his community, a room full of fun memories and more. 

"If you love the water then we provide bikes for the bike trail, kayaks for the water, stand–up paddle boards," said Meixl.

" And we're just a fun place to visit, and Elysian is a fun place to be."

Residents gather at the business on regularly and highly recommend the shop for a sweet, frozen treat. 

--KEYC News 12