The city of Springfield is still experiencing massive flooding after heavy storms caused the Cottonwood River to swell to almost 33 feet.

Pumps have been deployed to divert wastewater into the river, so that the sewer system is not overwhelmed.  The water is starting to go down some, but many areas are still underwater.
Edward Meidl, a retired farmer, said: "My son is farming now and this lake back over in here is his bean field."

The city had lost power for a little while this morning, but it was restored by about eleven this morning.

Crews from Canadian Pacific Railroad were assessing damage to an area of track west of the city that was still underwater.

"I don't suppose no trains can get through when the water is over the tracks.", Meidl mentioned.

Yesterday, residents were evacuated from the River Bluffs Apartments as a precaution.
Susan Fuchs, who lives in the River Bluffs Apartments, said: "[he] came on, knocked on our doors and said that there might be, and then they came back and said 'Yes, it's an evacuation', I said, 'Do we have to leave?'  He said, 'Oh yes, it's by the Sheriff's Office.'"

The Red Cross put the residents up in a nearby motel and their pets are being cared for by the local animal shelter.

"We're hoping to get back in there this afternoon, but I think I'm going to stay in the motel until tomorrow, just to be on the safe side." Fuchs said.

Residents who stopped by to see the raging river say this is one of the worst floods that has hit the city.