MANKATO, MN - Summer can be one of the deadliest seasons out on Minnesota roads.  Last year 88 drivers lost their lives in speed related crashes in our state.  First responders are working hard to drop that number down to zero.  

Captain Jeremy Geiger of the Minnesota State Patrol, addressed the group, saying: "Even one life lost to speeding is one too many."

Several state agencies, local police, and emergency medical services joined forces to drive home the point that speed kills.  They call the campaign, Toward Zero Deaths.
"Our role out there is to call attention to driver's behavior when they exceed the speed limit, or any other traffic violation.  To change behavior." said Captain Geiger.

In addition to law enforcement, the design of our roads and intersections is an important tool for keeping people safe when they drive.
Brett Paasch of MnDOT, said: "Roundabouts and R-cuts can help move traffic through more efficiently and safer than signals or other types of intersections without the same price hit of a full blown interchange."

When the worst does happen on the roads, emergency medical services are there to quickly transport and care for the injured.
Dr. Scott Zietlow, a trauma surgeon with the Mayo Clinic, said: "We are part of the team.  Law enforcement is usually there first, fire will be there for extrication and we're there for taking care of the patients and then transporting them back to an appropriate trauma center."

Even though the pleasant weather and dry roads makes it very tempting to speed, you should probably think twice before stepping on the gas.