NORTH MANKATO, MN- On a gorgeous sunny Saturday, thousands flocked to the streets of North Mankato and grabbed a seat for a display of entertainment.

Local organizations, marching bands and even ourselves (KEYC NEWS 12) were happy to participate in the hour–long stroll through the neighborhood.

For some, finding a spot meant arriving early and marking their spot with a lawn chair but for others, it's been as easy taking a few steps out the door and watching the parade go by their home.

North Mankato resident Tim Johnson says "It's wonderful because we can just walk right out to it. We're six blocks from the start of the parade. All the kids love it because they still have candy and their freezies are still frozen versus the far side of the parade. So, it's been great on this side."

No matter the location, smiles brightened the day as both kids and adults witnessed a variety of people and objects pass on by.

Of course, for the boys and the girls that meant receiving some cool treats.

9-year-old Brody Hoffmann says "I'm excited to see all the cool things that are in the parade. I'm probably going to get three freezies and more than 100 pieces of candy today."

Hundreds of presentations served an audience of thousands to continue this exciting weekend.

Dare I say it, it seemed everyone even had a little fun.

Rochester resident Tony Walters says "It's just a nice parade. Good length, it's not too long. Kids get their freezies and their candy so it's a good time."

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