NORTH MANKATO, Minn. -- The Taylor Innovation Center brought in several loved vendors to serve their employees. One of those vendors was Scotty Biggs BBQ their delectable Potato Bombs. 

Owner and Pitmaster Scott Reisenbigler has been catering for two years. 
"We make everything from scratch, we don't open cans, and dump it in and so we take a lot of pride in how we make everything," said Reisenbigler. 

The pitmaster said he has different menu items for all to try.

His niece Shaunah Stepenek said she absolutely loves her uncle's food, so much she decided to help out.
"I'm expecting to probably be bossed around a little bit, he's very kind of not over-the-top, but he's very involved in everything," said Stepenek.

" So I'm expecting to be bossed around but I think it'll be a lot of fun."
Scotty Biggs BBQ serves Potato Bombs, spuds stuffed with your choice of meat, homemade barbecue sauce, sour cream, homemade cheese sauce and more. Reisenbigler said people love his "Moink Balls," which are meatballs wrapped in bacon.  

As people visited his table, they could not get enough of his homemade barbecue sauce. There was Original and Spicy Peach Habanero. 

The catering and vending business is still exploring their menu and would love the help of their customers.  
"Case and point, we did a catering here a couple weeks ago for a lady and she didn't like my potato salad," said Reisenbigler.

" I said what would you do different and so she sent me her recipe."

He said the reviewer let him use her recipe and he was appreciative.

" Her potato salad is a lot better then mine," said Reisenbigler. 

-- KEYC News 12