WALNUT GROVE, Minn. -- Walnut Grove's annual Wilder Pageant show pressed on, despite flood damage to their site. 

The show was cut short  last night due to storms, that left the pageant site with an inch of rain.

The area was first hit on July 3, leaving some places surrounding the set, with three to eight feet of standing water.

Pageant Technical Assistant Bill Richards said the community has been working hard, to ensure the production goes on. 

"It's been a great effort by a lot of people to put it back on track, we did a show last night, which was a added show, we also call it our flood relief night," said Richards.

" We didn't have a lot of people because we got that inch of rain before the show started."
The Wilder Pageant has many festivities lined up around the production and they will have another Flood Relief Night on July 12. 

The last day to see the show is July 21. If you would like more information on the event, click this link: http://walnutgrove.org/pageant.html

--KEYC News 12