MANKATO, MN - In honor of their 150th birthday, Minnesota State University - Mankato is moving their homecoming parade.
Paul Hustoles, co-chair of the sesquicentennial planning committee, said: "We want to celebrate the entire community, and so we are bringing it downtown, we haven't done that in a long time."

The parade route starts at the intersection of Liberty and Front Streets, then goes north on Front Street to Cherry Street.  From there the parade heads east on Cherry Street and turns north onto 2nd Street.  At Main Street, the parade goes west and then turns north onto Riverfront Drive, ending at Rock Street.  This route is a mile long, so there should be plenty of spots where you can watch.

The parade committee is looking for organizations who want to have a float in the parade.
Curt Fisher, chair of the parade committee, said: "We are very open to being creative in finding every kind of float you can imagine.  That's also what will make the parade interesting to the spectators."

In the past, the parade has mostly been for the students, but this year they're hoping everyone, young and old, turns out.

"We're going to be giving out lots of freebies.  Mostly in the form of candy.  So, be careful with your children because they're going to think its Halloween, they're going to have so much fun." Hustoles said.

The homecoming parade starts at 10am on September 29th.  At 2pm the homecoming game starts at Blakeslee Stadium against St. Cloud State.

Parade Information and registration is available at