Greater Mankato Growth received an early birthday present just months before the organization turns 150–years–old.

"I think people are really excited," said Greater Mankato Growth CEO Jonathan Zierdt.  "Not just within our organization but external of the organization to see this GMG, this regional business development organization put all of our resources and all of our team under one roof for the first time.  That integration just leads to so many integration."

Greater Mankato Growth has a new home; one that features bigger and better office space, multiple conference rooms, a think tank for the marketing department and an overall better, more efficient feel than the temporary building used prior to the big move.

GMG was running into problems as they have never had all their different departments under one roof.

Employees would drive from one part of town to the other just to make a quick meeting; now all that is in the past.

"We spent a lot of time with our people in different offices just trying to connect to each other," explained Zierdt.  "Like any business you have a lot of team interactions, when our team is scattered and they have to travel, that costs a lot of time and money.  Having them right here makes it so easy.  If someone is running behind?  Easy to wait for them for a few minutes and get started."

Zierdt claims it's not just the building itself that has people in the region smiling, it's the location.

"In any major community like ours you would expect to find some portal or nexus where by you could access the business community.  Not one by one, but collectively.  Having us located here, such a centralized, easily accessible, highly visible location, provides people that ease of access to the nexus if you will of business activity," said Zierdt.

With a more practical work place, Greater Mankato Growth is excited for what's to come in the future.

"When our team can work more efficiently and more effectively, that means that we can offer a better product, have better influence and have a bigger impact on this region and that's what we exist to do," said Zierdt. 

To celebrate the organizations 150th birthday and the opening of their new building, GMG will be hosting an open house celebration sometime early this fall.

--KEYC News 12