MANKATO, MN - Seeing engineering at work.  It's a valuable experience for kids.
Delia Derner, one of the kids at the camp, said: "I thought it was really cool to see the people working and designing and then actually seeing that applied and people actually building it."

MSU Mankato is hosting a day camp for 6th through 9th graders who love finding out how stuff works.  The students are learning how things like screws and pulleys are used to make more complicated machines.  This morning, the budding engineers toured MEI, a local company that manufactures custom elevators.
Melissa Huppert, STEM outreach director for the University, said: "I think one of the important things we're doing with this is helping to expose kids to careers and industry and opportunities that they wouldn't get to see otherwise."

The kids got to see how raw sheet metal is welded, stamped, painted and assembled to create people movers we use every day.

"It's a good way to connect them to ideas and things that they've learned in school and they learned in our camp and connect it to a real life setting.", said Huppert.

The university hopes this camp will inspire these kids to pursue careers in engineering.

"I kind of want to be a civil engineer, which deals with designing bridges and buildings and everything, because that interests me.", Derner said.