NORTH MANKATO, MN- Construction on the Highway 169 and Highway 14 crossover is scheduled to begin on Monday.

As crews work on the median and resurface the pavement along Highway 169, both the inside northbound and southbound lanes of the roadway will be closed, reducing both directions to single–lane traffic.

The work zone will also feature periodic ramp closures as well as a unique crossover zone.

MnDot project engineer Dan Swanson says "We're going to cross people over and then 1,000 feet later we're going to cross them back. I just want to say safety is our number one priority and for people to watch the road when they are through that area and not the construction workers."

The project is part of the work being done in conjunction with the Mankato/North Mankato Levee project scheduled to start in late August, which will raise the grade of Highway 169 levee three feet, adhering to current FEMA standards.

- KEYC News 12