WASECA, MN - Last year, the Quad Graphics facility closed and over 350 people were out of work.
Waseca Mayor Roy Srp said: "It was devastating to get the news and to hear that would happen, but Waseca is very unique in the sense that the sun is always shining here and the people are quite positive."

It looks like that positive thinking has paid off.

A group of investors from Southern Minnesota has purchased the former Quad Graphics and longtime Brown Printing plant in Waseca for $4 million.
Cate DeBates from Coldwell Banker Commercial - Fisher Group, said: "I think our buyers are really focused on the local community.  So they want to make sure that whoever gets in there is able to take advantage of the great amenities, the 800,000 plus square footage building has to offer."

The property was up for sale for less than 6 months.

The facility has rail and highway access, an automated storage system, and tons of office space... and the buyers say they're not limiting their search to just one tenant.

"We're at the very start of the search.  We are searching for tenants and it could be multiple tenants that would be interested in a very expansive industrial space.", DeBates mentioned.

The City of Waseca is ready to start seeing those jobs come back into town.

"Very pleased, very excited and very much looking forward to whatever's going to happen out there because it is very positive news, and we're going to roll with that." added Mayor Srp.