NEW ULM, MN- The rhythm of polka lured many couples onto the dance floor.

Friday marked day two of the 13th annual Bavarian Blast which showcases the sights and sounds of Germany's southeast state.

A number of performances will provide entertainment, including one who calls Minnesota home.

Mollie B says "I know a lot of these people that come because I met them when I was small. New Ulm has always been like the polka mecca of Minnesota. So, to come here and perform whether I was eight years old or now is always a privilege. It may sound silly to someone who is not involved in music, but it really is."

Mollie sang with the band Squeezebox, who were one of eight to hit the stage Friday.

Either underneath the party tent as some call it or inside the polka hall, Bavarian enthusiasts traveled from all over to take in the nostalgic melodies.

Utah resident and Minnesota native Donald Miller says "I like the music, especially because this is the type of music I grew up in. All the old time bands; Whoopee John, Six Fat Dutchmen, and the Little Fisherman."

The tunes weren't the only thing visitors got a taste of, for pork schnitzel, spätzle and apple strudel beckoned visitors to grab a bite.

For many, simply attending the festival wasn't enough as some felt they had to dress the part to enjoy the full experience.

Bavarian Blast board member Dodie Wendinger says "We have a lady here who sells German clothes, lederhosen's to your dirndls and jewelry. The food, if anything else is phenomenal. You're going to find all different types of Bavarian food."

The festivities continue through the night and roll over into the weekend, giving people of all ages a chance to have a blast.

Weekend activities include a 5K/10K, dog race, barrel race, sauerkraut eating contest, stein holding contest and parade.

For details on those events and others, you can visit

- KEYC News 12