It's been a little over two years since doctors told Perry that they'd discovered a malignant tumor on his vocal cord.
"When you first hear that you have cancer, you're scared. Cancer is cancer. You wonder if you're gonna have much time left or how bad it is or what kind it is or whatever it is you don't really hear much else for a while because it really takes you back," Relay for Life Honorary Speaker Perry Dyke said.
So Perry's fight began.
"Once you understand that you have it, you understand all of the sudden how precious life is and you really want to face it. You don't want to run from it, you face it and you battle it. And you try to defeat it and that's attitude I've had and so many of my other fellow cancer survivors have," Dyke added.
Today, Perry is waiting with anticipation on an October scan and his prognosis is good. Now, he's sharing his message of hope.
"It's great therapy for me to talk to other people who have survived cancer. You see some light at the end of the tunnel, now we're looking at the other end, by golly we've got a good shot at beating this and living pretty normal lives. I'm happy to talk about my situation anyway that I can help anybody else that has this disease there's some decisions that you have to make along the way but by golly if you do what your doctors tell you, have a positive attitude you can be like me, you can come out on the other end and say hey, I'm a cancer survivor and I'm looking forward to a lot of good days yet ahead," Dyke said.
While this was Perry's first Relay for Life he hopes one day there won't be a need for them anymore.

--KEYC News 12.