MONTGOMERY, MINN - This weekend is the 84th annual Kolacky Days in Montgomery and one local brewery is doing their best to honor the area's Czech heritage.

Translated from Czech to English, "Stoleti Pivo" means "Century Beer," and for Montgomery Brewing Company, it means celebrating the town's Czech–Slovak heritage at this year's Kolacky Days; a celebration that dates back to 1929, highlighting the Czechoslovakian influence in the communities of Montgomery, Lonsdale, Veseli and New Prague, Minnesota.

Kolacky Days is almost as old as the brewery where the Stoleti Pivo is being crafted.
 “For quite a while we were the only craft brewery that was in an actual old–existing brewery," said James Dahlkey, Taproom Manager and Brewer at Montgomery Brewing Company. "This brewery has been here since the late 1800s, went through prohibition and made it through part of World War Two and finally closed its doors in 1943.”
71 years later in 2014,  the brewery reopened its doors, and now on the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia's founding after World War One, brewers at the Montgomery Brewing Company are commemorating the occasion with a special pilsner.

Rather than using the usual Montgomery water to brew, the company worked with cultural experts to make a beer authentic to the homeland.
“It's really, truly, the whole ingredients involved with this was to bring it to what the water's like in Czechoslovakia,” said Dahlkey. “We're very proud of it, we're very proud of working with them, we're very proud of our involvement with the Kalacky Days.”
Dahlkey says the process in crafting the Stoleti Pivo was longer than what usually goes into making the beers because they wanted to pay homage to the festival and its Czech roots.
“You know what goes together, you know what's good. You're just trying to make your recipes better and better and better," said Dahlkey. "There's always the styles of beers that are involved. It's basically trying to get to that style and make it the best that you can.”
Kolacky Days in Montgomery begins Thursday July 26 and goes through Sunday July 29.

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