The Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities is hosting their summer conference in Mankato. Thursday, a legislative panel opened a discussion concerning economic development issues.
Four state legislators, two DFL'ers and two Republicans, discussed key economic development challenges and opportunities in the state... with the goal of creating open conversations with the pubic and finding solutions to their biggest problems.
"What are your top development issues they're going to say training, workforce housing, they're gonna say child care. Those are gonna be the top three issues, maybe not in that order but most cities will have those in their top five so there's a lot of common challenges that we all face therefore coming together we hope to be able to recognize those common problems but hopefully we can work on a common solution," Dan Dorman, Exec. Director of Minnesota Partnership.
The panel also answered questions and got feedback from the audience. The conference wraps up Friday at the Verizon Center.

--KEYC News 12