DUNDEE, MN- A small town, with a lot to celebrate.

The community of Dundee, population of only 60, recognized the 100th anniversary of its Joseph Suding American Legion Post 386.

A street normally utilized as just a stop for local farmers, packed hundreds of supporters on the road, including one who has tied to not only the area but the armed forces.

Native of Dundee and daughter of a WWI veteran Carol Olson-Roesner says "It's just exciting to be here. In just get goosebumps to think that he was actually in that war and came home. So many years have passed, it's been a real special day for me."

The theme of the afternoon was patriotism and the red, white and blue could be seen almost anywhere.

The festivity not only served to honor all the members of our armed forces, but allow a town's past to experience the present.

Resident of Dundee Mary Schipper says "It shows a lot of people still care about Dundee because a lot of these people I haven't seen for years and they've showed up for this celebration. We're really proud of all our veterans."

Inside the legion, residents and visitors viewed a wide array of history, from past members to uniforms worn during wars.

Outside, a parade and activities for the kids added to the special day, including a former post member's favorite game, the pop bottle ring toss, honoring T.K. Clark.

Saturday afternoon's dedication to our veterans and the people who call this tiny southeast Minnesota town home, sends a message that size doesn't matter.

Legion Post 386 members Bill Brunk says "Making people aware that although we're a little town and a little post, we are here and active and we're going to stay on the map."

The event will continues with a street dance from 8 p.m. to midnight and includes food and games.