Minnesota's state legislature is publishing a number of laws that go into effect August 1. 

One will allow farmers more privacy when it comes to data collection by the University of Minnesota.

Under the law, data the university creates, collects or maintains on an agricultural analysis platform will be classified as private or nonpublic data.

Agricultural transportation will also be seeing a change on the first day of August.

New exemptions to federal regulations governing drive time for ag transporters will be written into the state code.

The revisions expand "harvest season" in Minnesota to year–round which will allow drivers more flexibility when it comes to mandated driving hours and rest periods.

Also included in this round of legislation is a law which closes loophole with operating snowmobiles and ATVs while under the influence of alcohol.

"Little Allen's Law" was written in honor an of 8–year–old boy who was struck by an intoxicated snowmobile driver who had his license previously revoked from a prior DWI.

The new law prevents offenders from retaining a drivers license after a DWI involving an off–road vehicle and from operating a motorboat for a 90–day period between May 1 and Oct. 31.

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