A Mountain Lake couple are in deep trouble with DNR.  The agency says they were caught overfishing in Sisseton Lake on May 20th.

This wasn't just a case of one or two crappie over the limit of 10 per person, try 253.
Ron Morris, a Ceylon resident who was fishing at Sisseton Lake, said: "With the limits set where they are, they're set there for a reason, when people abuse the laws like that, it just cuts into everybody else's enjoyment."

Another angler noticed the huge amount of fish that were being caught.  He called the state's anonymous tip line at 8 o'clock that evening and turned them in.
Dustin Miller, a conservation officer with DNR, said: "The tipster that did observe the stuff taking place that evening was able to provide us with a lot of information as far as the amount of people who were fishing, license plates which obviously led us to residences in Mountain Lake."

The officers searched the apartment and found the fish in a chest freezer.  Officer Miller was one of the officers who participated in the search.  There were 25 bags with about 10 fish in each bag.  The suspects did cooperate with officers.

Miller thinks the tip line is a helpful tool for catching people who don't follow the law.

"Without the help of the public we would have a difficult time in instances like this, making cases, because of the vast area that we cover as conservation officers.", said Officer Miller.