MANKATO, MINN - Open Door Health Center has a new pharmacy, as the community clinic continues to expand the medical care it offers to low income patients.

Partnering with Genoa Healthcare, the Open Door Health Center is now able to centralize the care of their patients through a new on–site pharmacy.
"Our providers, our doctors or nurse practitioners, our dentists or our therapists can interact with the pharmacist on a real–time basis," said Doug Jaeger, CEO of Open Door Health Center.  "Instead of having to call on a phone to talk about drug interactions or what this drug can do for them versus that drug."
The new Open Door pharmacy allows patients to get their prescriptions without having to make a second stop outside of the clinic. Simplifying the process for patients who have physical disabilities or cannot get reliable transportation, to access their medicine.
"Having the pharmacy here with Open Door and in Mankato really offers our patients that one–stop shop to be able to get medical, dental or behavioral health services and also then their pharmaceutical needs all at one place." said Jaeger. 
Another benefit for patients using the new pharmacy is Genoa's daily dose packs, which the pharmacists prepare.
"It organizes everything for them if they're on a complex regiment of medications for multiple disease states, puts everything in a package," said Tessa Larr, Pharmacist/Site Manager at the new pharmacy. "Again, it organizes it by time of day that they have to take it. It's basically just setting up a pill box for the patient for the month."
Part of the planning for the pharmacy focused on making prescriptions affordable.
"Sometimes there's a financial burden on folks to be able to get their medications," said Genoa's Director of Operations William Wrigley. "So we have tools that we can utilize in partnership with our clinic partners to try and find options for those patients to make sure that cost isn't a reason that they are going without medication."
The pharmacy is open from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, consistent with the clinic's hours.

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