Meet Vusa Bentley.

Bentley came to America 17 years ago hoping to make any kind of impact she could, big or small.

Fast forward to today and she is doing just that.

Bentley has her Pizza Wagon available where she will then make pizzas and serve them free of charge at all kinds of events.

"The only thing I have in return is you sponsor a local entity," explained Bentley.  "It could be CADA house it could be pet house it could be Red Cross it could be local arthritis groups that need funds."

That's right, this pizza baking machine of deliciousness doubles as a way to raise money for charities or local organizations.

Bentley says she can make any kind of pizza you would want, including a couple recipes she has kept from her home country of Azerbaijan. She just asks that you provide the ingredients you desire.

A small business owner herself, Bentley has an alternative way of getting word out about her other businesses.

"I can pour money into advertisements on TV or I can do good deeds naturally to help the word get around and also be part of something small but make a big impact," said Bentley.

In the year since she began her mobile pizza wagon, Bentley says she has received some puzzled faces while hauling the wagon behind her car as people often wonder what the wagomobile is used for.

The Bentley McGowan wagomobile has noticed more demand for pizzas around the region and have more events coming up this year.

"We have CADA group, March of Dimes, I've done National Guard, and you'll see me around town.  Please join me I feed with love," said Bentley.

If you want the Wagomobile at your event, check out their Facebook page and sign your event up at Bentley McGowan Wagomobile.

--KEYC News 12