MANKATO, Minn. -- Kato Karate added a new tool to their self- defense training, after multiple attempted abductions in the area, including two cases reported out of Albert Lea. 

The Kubotan Stick, also known as a self–defense stick, is used by women and children, to better protect themselves in dangerous situations.

Owner Tim Flynn said once he heard about an abduction attempt close to his neighborhood, he had to find something for his children.  

" What can I get my daughters to carry with them, so they can feel a little bit more secure?" said Flynn. "Cause cell phones just don't work, it just takes too much time to dial for help."

Flynn said the self-defense stick is easy to use, because you just hang on to it, and strike your attacker as fast as you can.

The class includes young children and some of their parents.

Mother JoAnna Bequette said her children's safety is immensely important to her, so these classes help to lessen her worries.  

"It makes me nervous for their safety," said Bequette. "And so for them knowing these skills and even skills for myself,, that I know that I have the techniques that I need, to protect myself and my kids if needed."

Everyone was taught how to use the Kubotan Stick, but they were taught other methods as well. 

The Owner said "fight mode" should be saved, for when someone is cornered by their attacker. However, if they are in an open area, they have another option.

"You're best bet, just run away, if you can run away, run away," said Flynn.

" If you can't run away, you're scared, have that stick with you, strike to the bone, face, elbow, knee joint, whatever you can hit and run away!" 

The Kubotan Stick is affordable, ranging from $5 to $10 online. 

A simple substitute recommended by Flynn is a Sharpie, because the actual stick will likely be considered a weapon by schools. 

-- KEYC News 12