Mankato has finalized the Riverfront Drive Corridor study and now the city is looking for input on design concepts.

At this point, the city is looking to dig into detailed project scoping to improve Riverfront Drive in the area from Plum Street to Madison Avenue, whether it be defining issues or suggesting potential opportunities along the corridor.
"Everything is sort of on the table but we're really focusing in on is pedestrian safety, making sure traffic still flow, access to businesses, making sure parking is either visible or available kind of making it that next phase of Riverfront so people want to be there and it's easy to use the corridor," Mankato Deputy City Manager Allison Zelms said.
Based off the feedback, design concepts will start to take shape. The survey is available now on the city of Mankato's homepage and will be up until August 31.
"It asks about various aspects of the existing conditions and then depending on your answers, so if you don't feel safe walking on the corridor, it will ask why so we're looking for specific comments from people so then we can build around what are the, not just solutions but really are we really solving a problem or are we solving nothing," Zelms added.
The city will engage with the public during and after the survey.
"All along the way, we're looking at different opportunities, different ways to engage with people so it won't just be online, there may be some in person meetings, it really depends on what we get in this first round," Zelms said
You can also forward the survey questions through email and social media accounts to further engage community members. Find the survey here,

--KEYC News 12