MANKATO, MINN - Republican candidate for Minnesota Attorney General Doug Wardlow stopped by KEYC News 12's studios Tuesday to speak on his goal of making the office less political and more focused on law enforcement.
"We need to focus our resources where they're going to be most effective," said Wardlow. "The attorney general's office is all about enforcing the law. The legislature makes the law and the attorney general is supposed to enforce the law. It shouldn't be a political office, so whatever the law is, that's what needs to be enforced. We need to be enforcing our laws and putting criminals behind bars. Incapacitating criminals but then also rehabilitating them."

Wardlow is one of three Republican candidates filed, the winner of August 14th primary will face the winner of the DFL primary in November's general election.

Minnesota hasn't elected a Republican to the post since 1966.

----KEYC News 12