The pavilion was packed with potential voters, who were curious to hear what the candidates for the US House had to say.

Topics ranged from trade and tariff issues to ethanol, transportation and even education.  The candidates were sharply divided along party lines when it comes to trade, especially concerning tariffs.

Republican Dave Hughes: "I'm very confident that the current trade tariff situation President Trump is leading is a short term leverage that's going to yield very good long term results."

Democrat Dan Feehan: "Our congress is a co-equal branch of government that must be at the table when all matters of trade are discussed and that is what I am running on."

Republican candidates were for less regulation and free market, especially when it comes to alternative fuels.

Republican Tom Emmer: "We should absolutely be looking at E-15 as a year round solution and let's let the petroleum guys compete and let the ethanol guys compete with them on a fair basis."

One thing the candidates could all agree on, the need for more vocational education.

Democrat Angie Craig: "We have to stop telling kids that everybody's got to go to college.   And we gotta stop an education system that teaches them as if everybody is.  We have got to reinvest in vocational training in this country, technical education.

Republican Carla Nelson: "We need to make sure we have career planning in our high schools so that all kids know their plan so that they have that career training at the end of high school or higher education that includes work force training at all levels."

The farm bill was also a hot topic.

Democrat Ian Todd: "I think the house bill is a clear indication of how Republicans are often unwilling to work with democrats.  I think this bill was created very much in favor of republican ideology."

Immigration and foreign labor was discussed.

Republican Jim Hagedorn: One of the things that has concerned me since the last immigration bill is that both sides are holding up a work program that could be useful for farmers and others in our country."

Candidates seemed to agree for the need for infrastructure improvements.

Democrat Collin Peterson: "I'm willing to consider raising the gas tax, if it's dedicated to roads."

Tomorrow the five candidates running for governor will meet at Farmfest for their own forum.