NEW ULM, Minn. - After 25 years, the owner of the Old Hauenstein Brewery is ready to pass the torch.
At just 33-years-old John Hauenstein opened his brewery in New Ulm in 1864, his sons kept it going until 1969 when it was sold to Grain Belt Brewing Company. Over twenty years later, the property changed hands again.
"The roofs were leaking, the windows were broken and there was pigeons flying around and it just needed everything," owner David Harmening said.
After spending two years remodeling the mammoth structure, it was ready to be lived in. With two 2,000 square foot living spaces, a boutique, a primitive theater and the spacious backyard, there was plenty of space to work the last 25 years.
"It was a beautiful strong building and it needed to be saved and rescued. There was a lot of buildings in the city here that had been torn down and it is quite a huge labor, it's not the cookie cutter mind it's very intense amount of work and passion to move forward and go through with this," Harmening said.
While the brew house has been torn down, many of the original buildings remain, along with a lot of history.
"At the turn-of-the-century the horse drawn wagons would offload the empty wooden keg into the space right here. The floors are the original metal plate floors, these were here when the building was built," Harmening added.
The brewery is selling for $600,000 through Century 21.
"It's a big place and it takes another young person, just like me to continue on with the dreams that I had of historical preservation, to keep the landmark in New Ulm strong," Harmening said.

--KEYC News 12