MANKATO, Minn. -- Minnesota State University- Mankato has partnered with one of the state's largest senior care providers, to address a shortage in senior caregivers.
Ecumen and MSU held a two and a half day event addressing the issue.

Workshops were held to refresh the knowledge and skills of faculty, in hopes that they would implement these findings into their classrooms.
Ecumen Nursing Vice President Brett Anderson said his company understood, that faculties do a great job of connecting with students. 

" And kind of sparking the passion of nursing in the fields that they want to work in, and that's why we're excited to bring our expertise to faculty," said Anderson. 

" Senior care is a growing area, it's a great career field."
Faculty members participated in simulations and completed workshops, to improve their understanding on several topics related to geriatric care.

The School of Nursing's Simulation Center Director Colleen Royle said she learned a great deal during the workshops. 

"I was able to understand the different areas that these folks are coming from, more of a rural setting," said Royle. 

" And that hopefully we can continue offering them things to learn in the future too, we've given some informational sheets on family nursing, to help them get started with their students, teaching family care."
The Clinical Sciences Building holds a number of simulation rooms, but the home suite gives nursing students, a better understanding of senior care-giving.

Participants ran through simulations where they practiced exercises on assisted living and long-term care.

Ecumen and MSU are confident that with workshops like this, students will be well-equipped for careers in senior care-giving, a field they say has many job opportunities.
"As more and more people are turning 65 every day and going to need more care in the future, that we want to ensure that we are bringing our best practices, and our insight into the senior care field," said Anderson.  

Both groups hope to make the event and annual operation. 

-- KEYC News 12