State Street Theater in New Ulm is wrapping up this year's children's theater workshop with their own version of Snow White.
This isn't the typical Snow White story you're used to hearing. Not only will it feature many classic fairy tales woven into the play, it was completely written and produced by 6-16 year old kids.
"There was all these ideas, all this other stuff like penguins hitting the evil queen with feathers and falling into the mirror and ended up in this jungle, all sorts of stuff. There's a lot of dwarfs and everybody got to be a part that wanted to be. The dwarves have animal names, Sleeping Beauty dreams a lot and all sorts of stuff the evil queen has evil friends that she goes out to tea with," 10-year-old actor Spencer Drill said.
Open to anyone interested in theater, the workshop has grown from last year.
"We learn about all sorts of theater and stuff and if you want to be backstage you can do that and do the lights and stuff and you can be an actor and backstage or you can just be an actor," Drill added.
Curtains open at 7 p.m. Friday night at the State Street Theater.

--KEYC News 12