BLUE EARTH, Minn.-- Cedar Inn Drive-In has served as a staple in the Blue Earth community for some time, serving tasty and unique burgers, and fun- looking desserts.

Owner Marc Meier said the restaurant has been around since the early 50s. 

" I became the owner of it a few years ago, it had been sitting empty for three years, and it was time to revive it, and give it back to the community," said Meier. 

" And we have a lot of fun here, we have some great hamburgers, ice cream."

When visiting the drive-in, you are bound to run into very happy people. The employees/ car-hops said they have fun all the time and love the atmosphere. 
Car-hop Mari Curi said she absolutely loves working with her friends and the food is great.  

"There's just a whole bunch of stuff that you would have never really thought of that's on our menu," said Curi. 

People can order either from the comfort of their car, or from the main window, either way good food will be delivered.

But while you are there, share some laughs, get to know people with a game of corn hole, and immerse yourself in whatever they have going on.
"Occasionally we'll do a night where we dress the kids in poodle skirts, and have the car-hops running to cars," said Meier.

"50s music on and you know it's just a fun place to hang out."
The place is loads of fun but the menu items really keep people coming.

They have items like the King and Queen Burgers and a mouth-watering Mac and Cheese burger, with bacon and pickles.

However, make sure to end on a sweet note, with a Butter Pecan, Green Apple, Blu Goo-infused Cone, and the ever so aesthetic Cloud Cone.

-- KEYC News 12