MANKATO, MINN - Multiple road projects in Mankato are beginning here in the next week.

The new roundabout project at Haefner and Adams St. has kicked off a slew of construction going on in Mankato over the next month.

Construction on the roundabout is wrapping up its first week in the anticipated month–long project
"The weather's been relatively cooperative this week as they've been doing work," said Michael McCarty, Senior Civil Engineer for the City of Mankato. "Most of the utilities are installed and the next step will be to put in the gravel then they'll start pouring concrete after that."
Resurfacing will take place in two sections of Hilltop Mankato, one on Adams Street between Teton Lane and Raintree Road, then another on Bassett Drive between Belle Avenue and Highway 22.

Both roads will be closed starting Tuesday August 14th with detours in place for transit and business access for each project.
"For the most part, access can be had from 22 on Adams street like it usually would, utilizing the shared driveway access between Applebees and the Five Guys building to access Hy–Vee and some cross–parking lot traffic at that time too." said McCarty.
The city says the Haefner/Adams roundabout should be completed by the first or second week of September, weather cooperating of course.And the resurfacing project either by late September or October.

Resurfacing will cost nearly $1.5 million and the roundabout project came in just short of $3 million according to city staff.

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