Under construction now, but soon the Ridgely Building in downtown will house Cultivate Mankato, a child care center equipped to serve nearly 160 children.
"When we were looking at locations for Cultivate Mankato, this just seemed perfect, really a no brainer a place to actually grow the building into its potential so that children can grow into their potential," Cultivate Mankato Executive Director Candice Deal-Bartell said.
Cultivate has submitted an application to the Economic Development Authority for the City Center Renaissance loan to complete needed improvements, up to a maximum of $125,000.
"It's the EDA's final say on whether or not this project will fit that renaissance loan. I feel like cultivating often means still in the land in creating, planting seeds for new growth and really I see this building as an option to do that and we're really looking forward to meeting with the EDA on the 13th," Deal-Bartell added.
Child care is a critical need for many families across Minnesota and it's only expected to increase, making the center's arrival all the more important.
"The whole vision of Cultivate Mankato is bringing in community resources so we're asking businesses to become part of the cultivating connections program where they can help support their family's needs for childcare. And then we're also partnering with other businesses down our city core to provide services for families but then to also support their businesses as well," Deal-Bartell said.
Cultivate Mankato expects to be completed with the project by April 2019.

--KEYC News 12